Our Projects

Our Projects

Commercial Thru-The-Wall Air Conditioner Installation

The air conditioner broke and the client called us, we found the best solution and installed new AC very fast.

Fan motor repair

The client noticed a burning smell and found out that the air conditioner doesn’t cool the air anymore. We found out that the fan motor broke, we ordered it and repaired AC, so the client was able to return to comfort temperature fast.

Outdoor condenser unit of AC maintenance



Every outdoor condenser unit of the air conditioner needs maintenance before the summer season. Without maintenance, it may stop working at the most unexpected time.

Replacement of compressor and washing sealed system of LG refrigerator

In process of inspection, our specialist noticed that compressor and washing sealed system of LG refrigerator needed replacement. Parts arrived and were replaced in the shortest time.

Control board replacement. Double built-in oven Bosch

Our specialist found out that the Control board of the double built-in Bosch oven needs replacement, he ordered it and replaced it fast.